SEOCert SEO Certification and Analayzing Tools
   SEOCert - SEO Certification Exams for Search Engine Optimization Professionals.

Features :
  • Learn SEO techniques through exams.
  • Analyzing website with SEOCert Web Analyzer, get the SEO scores, estimated website worth, On-page and off-page SEO tips.
  • Get certified as a SEO professional
NB2012 human-edited directory Web Directory
NB2012 Web Directory
   NB2012 Web Directory - Web Directory, collections of the most popular, the most interesting and the most useful websites in human-edited directory.

Features :
  • Get the most relevant websites with infomation or tools.
  • Submit and share good websites with the cumunnity.
  • Vote up or vote down to help contrling the quality
mycads.com FREE Classified Ads Online Singapore
Singapore Classified Ads
   My Classified Ads - mycads.com (Singapore) is a free online classifieds portal for advertising properties, jobs, services, automobiles, lifestyle and personal needs in Singapore.

Features :
  • A convenient one-stop classifieds portal. 7 main categories, 65 sub categories to help user easiely locate almost any services, products, pre-owned stuffs and more.
  • Reach a large scale of potential service providers or buyers. Anyone with an internet access can get to know your Ad.
  • Cost effective, hazards free and peace of mind. Just a few clicks, your Ad will be up and running for free.
  • Environment friendly. paper free, all Ads are stored online, they can be viewed and updated anytime anywhere.
  • Integrated Online marketing, Advertising on the internet, attract customers from all over the world.
Singapore Basic Driving Theory Test Online Practice
Singapore Driving Theory Tests (Basic, Final/Advance, Riding)
 Singapore Basic Driving Theory Test Online Practice sgdriving.net is an online web portal dedicated for car/motocycle driving theory test in Singapore since 2007. It privides online practice questions for Riding Theory Test (RTT), Basic Driving Theory Test (BTT) and Final/Advance Driving Theory Test (FTT).

Features :
  • It's never been that easy and convenient to learn, practice and get yourself ready before you really go and sit for the actual traffic police driving theory tests.
  • The interective test engine to ensure most effective learning and sharing experience among users.
  • Large and still growing question bank ensures broadest possible coverage of driving test topics.
TinySOF Screen Capture V1.0
TinySOF Screen Capture
Use it to Create Screen Shots
  TinySOF Screen Capture is a small desktop image utility. It can capture your desktop, windows, object, anything you see on your computer screen as images and enable you to save them as BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF files. Which makes it easy to add images to your document, presentation, email, blog or online album.

Features :
  • Capture your whole desktop screen.
  • Capture specific window, or objects in the window screen.
  • Capture mouse selected rectangle region.
  • Trap Print Screen Key and provide preview
  • Save captures as BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF files.

TinySOF DataFileJoinCutter V1.1
TinySOF Data File Join Cutter
Use it to splite or join file/document
 TinySOF DataFileJoinCutter DataFileJoinCutter is a small windows file splitting and merging utility. It can split any large data file ( DVD/VCD/Movie/Video.. ) into many smaller pieces, and later assemble those smaller pieces back into the original file. Which makes it easy to transfer large file document across the internet.

Features :
  • Split large file to 1.44 MB each.
  • Split file base on predefined size or piece.
  • Merge files with arbitary length and type.
  • Support drag & drop
  • Stand alone, no installation needed.

Project Work Management Ststem
TinySOF Project Work Management System
used for managing school projects
  TinySOF Project Work Management System (PWMS) aims to create an efficient and effective workspace for students and teachers when they are working on school projects.

Through the system students can easily do submissions online at various stage as the project moves on;
and teachers can instantly monitoring & tracking each team's progress.
By fine-tuning the industry standard of project management (the 5 phases & 9 areas) into PWMS, we believe it can help students & teachers to create more innovative products and gain valuable project based learning experiences.
TinySOF Reminder V1.0 TinySOF Reminder
Use it to manage time and tasks
  TinySOF Reminder V1.0 - is a small utility that composed of a date counter, a to-do list, a monthly calendar and a digital clock. it is a handy software to better manage your time

Features :
  • Digital Clock
  • Date counter (count down)
  • To-Do List
  • Monthly Calendar
  • XML Export for Web & Synchronization

TinySOF TAMAS V2.0 TinySOF TAMAS Auto email alerting system

use it to process emails automatically.
 TinySOF Auto eMail Alert System as the name suggests that it is an email alerting software, mainly used in monitoring email box to detect certain emials to trigger events.

Features :
  • Email notifer
  • Email retriving at predefined interval
  • Auto email processing based on predefined Regualr Expression pattern
  • Email Sender/Forward
  • Auto recovery when server time out or down
  • CSV export & report

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