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Basic Theory Test Singapore

Many people are struggling for getting their driving license in Singapore, many fail their basic theory test, final theory test or road driving test for a few times before finally passing them, this post is about to give you some basic idea of why it is so and how not to fall into that trap.

Singapore Driver’s License Is a Valuable Document

The driver license not only gives you the permission to drive on Singapore’s roads, it also acts as an acknowledgment of your understanding of rules, regulations, road safety in Singapore.

The driver’s license card has holder’s facial photo on it, and it can be used as an identity card in many occasions.

Singapore driving license is an international driving permit card, most countries recognize it and give permission for holder of the card to drive on their roads, especially in common wealth countries such as Britain, Australia, New Zealand and many ASEAN countries, this is especially significant for people who travels a lot.

Singapore Driver’s License Is Pretty Hard To Get

It takes time, efforts and determination to get a driver’s license in Singapore, the authority purposely put it this way, so that any future drivers will be aware of how serious the authority is and how important it is to drive safely on the road.

In order to obtain your driving license in Singapore, you will need to take and pass two theory tests and one road driving test. The theory tests are not easy, 50 MCQ questions will be asked, you must complete the test within 50 minutes,  you must answer 45 or more correctly in order to pass, that means you must set the right answer for at least 90% of the questions, giving that some of the questions are very tough, and from time to time rules, regulations are updated, so does the test questions. For instance last time there is a age factor for child who is required to wear a seat belt or a child restraint, new rules came into place since January 2012, age is no longer a criterion.

Passing those tests are considered as challenging, last time when I just about to entered the room and sat for my own BTT test, I heard that someone had attempted the basic theory test alone for 5 times and failed, even worse, if you fail,  you will need to book a test slot again, and usually the slots are quite occupied, available slots are easily a few weeks or months later.

The statistics released from SPF (Singapore police force,  Traffic Police) also suggests that passing the driving theory tests is not an easy task, many fails each year no matter you are a private leaner or learn from the driving schools.

Learn And Prepare For The Basic Theory Test & Final Theory Test With was first developed and launched in 2007, its main purpose is to help you learn and pass the basic theory test and final theory test. Over the years there are many features and enhancement are added in.  We are the first one that users can put comment and share their ideas with peers regarding a particular question.  We are the first one to have a theory test simulator, which mimics how an actual TP theory test likes. We are the first one to have theory leaning flashcards so that users can quickly review and grasp those road rules, traffic signals and topics which will appear in the actual test.

Our site is responsive now and can be easily accessed with any devices, it is friendly to desktops, laptops and mobiles.

We do appreciate those who shared their success story of passing their basic theory test, final theory test, or give us feedback on anything that is relevant, so keep them coming in.

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